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The information presented is mainly given in the style of TED talks and podcasts: minute segments of science which are accessible and have a narrative. But a proper science class needs an experiment. During the course, the students kept a sleep diary for three weeks — monitoring the amount of sleep they get, their mood and energy levels.

By collating and anonymising the diaries, the class then used this new research to find out whether there was a correlation between how much a person sleeps and their energy or mood.

I Traveled the World Meeting Drug Dealers. Here’s What I’ve Learned

In true peer review style, the students heavily criticised the experiment, indicating that three weeks of data from a narrow band of the population was insufficient for a rigorous analysis. At HMP Low Newton, the desire to learn and improve was apparent from the students in every session, and it was a joy to teach.

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They all wanted to learn more about earthquakes , black holes and missions to Mars. The goal is to provide a pathway to further learning opportunities for those in prison.

Healing the generational rift

Employment is an important factor of reoffending rates and so the hope is that future courses will link up with science and technology companies who can offer guidance on employment opportunities upon release. There are difficulties in any classroom, but these are problems that can be overcome through careful listening and collaboration.

What I Have Learned of Leadership

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Where did Language come from? The Mystery of the Pirahã

By Cal Fussman. He says, ask Sigmund …. By Alex Belth. By Bruce Handy.

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